June 17, 2010

Batoul Apps is very proud to announce QamarDeen, a completely new type of Islamic iPhone app. QamarDeen is an Islamic behavior tracking app, allowing to log how you prayed, how much Quran you read, if you gave charity and if you fasted. It can then display that information in a graph to show you your progress over time. The intention is that this app will be an effective tool in helping you create and maintain better and more consistent Islamic behaviors.

QamarDeen comes with great features like integration with Quran Reader, and other third party Quran apps, so you can easily resume reading from your last recorded spot. You can also protect your information by enabling a passcode to open the app, keeping your deeds between you and Allah (swt). QamarDeen features a unique and innovative design by the very talented Bandar Raffah.

QamarDeen is available in the App Store as a free download. So we encourage everyone to go and grab a copy.