August 03, 2010
Quran Reader HD for iPad
Introducing Quran Reader HD for iPad.

Quran Reader HD brings an entirely new and interactive experience for the Quran to the iPad. When the iPad first came out we knew that we wanted to do something very special for the Quran on this device so we built an entire new app with some amazing new features that we know you will love. And Alhamdulillah we managed to get it to you just in time for Ramadan.

The first thing you will notice when you launch the app is the beautiful interface that lets you engage with the Quran. Turn the pages and drop bookmark tassles. Tap and hold on an ayah to highlight it. Quran Reader HD brings the amazing experience of the iPad to the Holy Quran.

Listen to the Quran with verse-by-verse recitation from the beautiful voice of Sheikh Abdelbasit Abdelsamad. Quran Reader HD is also great for people wanting to memorize the Quran or improve their reading or pronunciation as it highlights each ayah as the verse is recited. With the repeat buttons you can set it to repeat each verse as it goes or have it repeat the entire selection until the verses have been committed to memory.

For those interested in understanding more about the Quran you will enjoy tapping on an ayah to bring up the tafseer & translation. Quran Reader HD offers English or French translations and Tafseer in English (Tafseer Al-Jalalayn) and Arabic (Tafseer Al-Moyassar).

Integrate Quran Reader HD into your Quranic study by creating notes & bookmarks on verses you need to remember. Save your thoughts and leave visual markers for yourself as you read through the Quran.

We really hope that you enjoy the experience of Quran Reader HD for iPad and of course we look forward to your feedback and suggestions inshAllah.

Download Quran Reader HD for iPad