August 28, 2011
Quran Reader 3.0 - The premier Quran app for iPhone

We are very pleased to introduce to you Quran Reader 3.0, the premier Quran app for the iPhone and iPod touch. We've brought all the great features you know and love from Quran Reader HD on the iPad to Quran Reader on the iPhone including audio recitation, translation and tafseer, notes, beautiful high quality pages and a brand new interface design.

New Beautiful Paging Interface

One of the first things you will notice with Quran Reader 3.0 is the new paging interface that uses the new high quality pages found in Quran Reader HD. Swipe from page to page while the beautiful photorealistic interface shows you the pages on the right or left side of the book, just as they would be in a physical mushaf.

Ayah by ayah audio recitation & Background audio

Listen to the beautiful recitation of Sheikh Abdelbasit, each verse highlighted as it is read. Quran Reader offers many great audio options for those trying to memorize the Quran, such as choosing the ending point, setting each verse to repeat or having your selection loop when it reaches the end. Best of all, Quran Reader supports background audio so you can lock your iPhone and listen to Quran on the go.

Switch to tafseer mode

Easily toggle between the original pages of the Quran or the tafseer to allow you to get a full understanding of the text you are reading. Quran Reader offers the translation and commentary from Sheikh Mawdudi's "Towards Understanding the Quran" in English. For Arabic users, Quran Reader features the famous tafseer "Tafseer Al-Jalalain".

Full Landscape Support

Easily zoom in to read the Quran in a larger font. Simply rotate to landscape mode and experience the full beauty of the high quality pages available in Quran Reader.

And More!

Quran Reader has many other great features like making notes, logging your reading to QamarDeen, full text and translation search and more! Quran Reader is available for download on the App Store. We hope you enjoy it.