August 31, 2011

Quran Reader 3.0 is a major update that added tons of new features, making it difficult to list every single one of them in the description without it becoming a little long winded. So, we decided to write up a list of tips for using the new version.

Combined Search

I think you'll notice that one of the main aspects of the new version is simplification. In the previous version, there were two kinds of search - the main search of the full text of the ayahs and translation, and also the Surah name search at the top of the index. In this version, we have combined those together in one easy to use location.

Simply tap the search bar and it expands to fill the screen for you to begin your search. As you type, Quran Reader will find any Surah names (in English or Arabic) that match your term. Right below that, you will see results for ayahs that also match the term. When you choose an ayah, Quran Reader takes you to the page in the Mushaf and flashes the ayah you just selected.

The Surah Index and the Juz' Index

Quran Reader offers two different indexes - the Surah index and the Juz' index. The default is the Surah index. To switch to the Juz' index, tap the action button at the top right of the index screen. You will see the option to use the Juz' index or to jump to a specific page. You can use the same action button to switch back to the Surah index.

Tassel Scroll Bar

Going to the bookmark and notes index, you'll notice an image of a bookmark tassel on the right hand side. The tassel helps you quickly scroll through your list of bookmarks and notes. Just like the Juz' quick scroll on the Surah index, simply slide your finger up and down the tassel to jump between all your bookmarks and notes to help you quickly find the specific bookmark you're looking for.

Arabic Tafseer

Quran Reader offers two different tafseer options, the English commentary of Sheikh Mawdudi's "Towards Understanding the Quran" and the Arabic tafseer "Tafseer Al-Jalalain." Which version you see depends on what language setting the app is in. If the app is in English mode, you will get the English tafseer. If the app is in Arabic mode, you will get the Arabic tafseer. To switch to Arabic mode, you can either set your device's system language to Arabic or simply tap the Settings button in the top left of the index screen and enable Arabic mode.

Playing A Specific Ayah

There are two ways to begin playing audio in Quran Reader. The first is to tap the play button in the bottom right of the toolbar while reading a page. This will begin playing audio starting at the first verse on the page to the end of the Surah. If the Surah you want to listen to starts further down the page, just tap and hold on the first ayah in the Surah - from there you can choose "Play" to play audio until the end of the Surah or "Play To" and choose your own stopping point.

Reading Along With the Recitation

Quran Reader makes it easy for you to read along with the recitation by keeping the content that's being read on screen at all times. Each ayah is highlighted as it is read, and the page will turn when the recitation reaches the end of the page. If you're reading in landscape mode, the page scrolls to keep the current ayah centered on the screen. However, you can always interrupt the automatic scrolling by manually scrolling the page yourself or turning to another page. To help keep you from losing your place, Quran Reader will always return to the correct page and position when it starts playing a new ayah.


We hope you enjoy all the new features in Quran Reader and as always, if you need further assistance don't hesitate to contact us.