Guidance Mac

Prayer times for your Mac

The Adhan on your Mac

Guidance is a prayer times application for Mac OS X that plays the Adhan when it is time for prayer. Designed to be simple and elegant, Guidance sits in the menu bar and shows a countdown until the next prayer. When it's time for prayer, Guidance displays a Growl notification and plays the adhan. Guidance stays out of the way while providing you with current prayer time information.

Guidance offers the simplest and most elegant way to know when to pray on your mac.

...and on your iPhone

Guidance is now also available for your iPhone and iPod Touch so you can have the adhan with you on the go. For prayer times on your iPhone please check out Guidance for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


  • Choose from four different adhans to play, including Yusuf Islam
  • Let Guidance wake you up a set time before Shuruq so you never miss Fajr again
  • Minimalistic interface gives you easy access to prayer times
  • No list of locations to scroll through, just enter in your location and Guidance will find it
  • Get a countdown of how much time is left until the next prayer
  • Option to automatically pause iTunes when the adhan plays
  • Integration with Growl for prayer alerts
  • Displays Hijri date

Best of all, it's completely, totally, 100% free!

Purchasing an optional license will help ensure the continued development of Guidance for Mac and other Batoul Apps projects. Purchase a license

Older Versions
For Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 users, you can download Guidance 1.4.2