Batoul Apps

Privacy Policy

Your personal information belongs to you and is really no one else's business. We are proud to say that we don't collect or give your personal information to anyone. Our apps have no ads and no analytics expressly so that no one will have access to any user information.

How do we use Location Data?

Location data is used to calculate prayer times for your area and provide you with the qibla direction. That information is only stored on your device and not saved or collected by Batoul Apps or shared with any third party.

Masjid Search

When using the masjid search feature in Guidance, masjid locations are found by using a combination of Apple Maps search feature and the 3rd party website

To see what masjids are in a particular area, we perform an anonymized request using the location that the search map is centered on. This map location is not representative of your current location. It defaults to your general vicinity and searches can be made for any location to which you set the map.

This means that if you search for masjids in New York, there is no way for anyone to know where you physically were when you performed that search. In terms of location data, a search for masjids in New York performed from New York and one performed from Damascus, Syria look the same.

Note: with iOS 14, Guidance will explicitly only use your "reduced accuracy" location to further increase your personal privacy.